Bathroom Remodeling

At Independence Plumbing and Bath, we offer bathroom remodeling services to provide you with the bathroom that you’ve always wanted. We are a full service and single source remodeling company, with a staff that does all of the work without any subcontractors. We can turn your bathroom into one that you would be proud to feature and model as a before and after picture.

We are the home of the 5-day bathroom remodel at Independence Plumbing and Bath. It may sound unbelievable, but we can remodel your entire bathroom in five days in most cases. Without the need for subcontractors, we can work as efficiently as possible, which helps you receive the fastest service in the end.

No matter what the reason is that’s making you want to remodel your bathroom, we can help. When our experienced and fully insured technicians renovate your bathroom, they are providing you with a cleaner, brighter, and safer environment for you, your family, and your guests.

We believe details are what makes bathrooms unique. At Independence Plumbing and Bath, we have a wide range of high-quality accessories including but not limited to hand-held showers, soap dishes, shower caddies, grab bars, and shaving stands. Choose from different and beautiful shower heads and faucets to customize your bathroom and let it match your personality.

We offer a free in-home consultation and will provide you with a free estimate when you contact us to look at your bathroom. To learn more about how we can turn your old and dirty bathroom into one that is new and spectacular, call us at 330-333-4698.

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