Do you want to ensure that you can shower and bathe safely?
Well, look no further that Independence Plumbing and Bath (IPB), as we offer a full line of affordable and quality accessibility products that can not only be customized to fit your bathroom, but will certainly be within your budget.
We know that having the ability to bathe independently is important to everyone.
If you’re looking to modify your home to accommodate your changing needs, or that of a loved one’s, we provide products and accessories that will not only make bathing safer, but more comfortable. No matter if it’s a tub-to-shower conversion, barrier-free shower base, walk-in tub, or walk-through insert—you can rest assured that we here at IPB have everything you need.
While our accessibility products are ideal for physically challenged or elderly individuals, anyone can choose them to make their bathroom safer and more convenient to use.
All who elect to have our accessibility products will see the following benefits:

  • You will maintain your ability to bathe independently through grab bars, low step-in entry, and a slip-resistant floor.
  • Little to no maintenance will be required as our products are made to naturally resists mildew and mold.
  • You can make your bathroom as aesthetically pleasing as you want with our wide variety of patterns and colors.
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    Shower & Bathe Safely with Independence Plumbing and Bath

    Last, but not least, those who choose our accessibility products will also be pleased to know that we provide fast and immediate installation services (in most instances products can be installed in one day), and a Lifetime Warranty.

    There is no denying that replacing an old bathtub with a roomy, step-in shower is a great idea to enhance the look of a modern bathroom. Plus, installing a walk-in bathtub with easy-to-reach controls and hydrotherapy jets, can also be great for those who not only have physical limitations, but for any person who desires to make his or her bathing experience even better!

    To learn more about our accessibility products or schedule an installation, please call or email us at any time.

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